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The Mader Radio Network-TMRN: Your Kick Ass All request TavernKMRN your #1 internet radio audio tavern, broadcasting out of Saginaw, Michigan, spreading stellar classic rock, oldies and classic and independent country jams across the universe! Jammin’ Jerry Mader, Everyone’s favorite DJ and your spiritual music guru, guiding you through some of the best tunes from all different genres, and musical styles!
We’ve seriously got the jams to fit your party. Just use the request page under the menu and make a request and see what happens.

The Mader Morning Jam- 7am to 11am (Request Lines Open)
This is the best morning show around. Playing your music, the way you like it, just like you like your coffee in the mornin’. We let you have it your way like burger king.
Only with music.
We’re cool like that.; Pop on over and listen. We even joke around with you and make you smile and laugh the morning away.
We don’t do boring news or weather, unless it’s state law that we have to. We would rather bust out some records man! screw all that other noise the regular radio has you listening to. We know we’re better. We got the live audio soundosphere of a real live saloon in the wild west with all the fun you can have in a saloon with the occasionally wonderful gun fights. And yes Ben the bartender has a big ass blunder buss AKA a sawed off shotgun waiting for anyone who starts a fight. And forget about them cameras Because Ben’s got mean ass dogs running round the place. They’ll bite anything they get their mouth on if you’re evil and will try to destroy this bar!
In other words, Better be careful yall, cooper, shang, duke and sassy will snag your asses before you can beg for mursey or piss your pants and stand on your head.
All in all they’re and we’re good people. Hell Sassy will come over and take your beer mug and bring you a new one if you ask her nicely. She sometimes breaks them but that’s alright Ben’s got more in the back if dip-shit sassy breaks another bar glass.
SO what the hell you got to lose. comeon in to the Mader Morning Jam and have some fun with is won’t ya?

The Mader Music Jam- 7pm to 11pm (Request Lines Open for all music, by request with the most laughter you can handle.
You never know what’s gonna come out of Jerry’s mouth at any given time.
This is the show where jerry unwinds lets loose and never looks back.
This show has gotten Jerry Mader 4 awards for best internet radio show in Mid-Michigan. And we’re looking to do it again this year. Move on over regular radio, you can’t match the power of a radio Outlaw like Jerry is.
He will have you laughing, and getting down to your favorite Country Jams in a flash!
Oh yeah we better mention that sometimes, This show will contain adult language, so listener discression is strongly advised..) Please make a note of it.

The Mader Radio Network, Your all request station plays all your favorite country . We play all your favorite classic and traditional country songs by request, just the way you like them.
We aren’t afraid to break the mold of cookie cutter radio at all and will even play independent bands of older country genres.
If you want your band heard on TMRN please send an email to:
the management

We’d like to thank you very much for stopping by.
Please add this page to your favs, and tell yhour friends about the new classic country station of the future.
TMRN KKCS – The Tavern That Never Closes. Your number One internet classic country radio station!