\ welcome to The Mader Radio Network listen page
these are the links to the players you can use to listen.
if you have a computer, or windows phone: click here to listen live to TMRN
If you have an I Device that supports the app, and or an android device that does, please use the app.
if you do you'll have better access to what we have to offer.
you can't make requests on the flash player as we're slowly no longer supporting it.
Besides they offer a lot of things the flash player never will, and a lot of features you can't get on a flash player.
We don't and will never support Windows Phones, as our current developer doesn't support them.
So if you can't listen on the IPhone or Android apps than you have to use the flash player. We're very sorry for this.
If you have an IPhone: Click here to get the IPhone App>
For android devices: Click here to get the Android phone app
We do hope you enjoy The Mader Radio Network.