Join the staff of TMRN

You may have heard us on the air and wondered how you can join.
This page will attempt to help you get started.
We play no favorites here, but we do tend to have rules like all good stations should have.
You will learn these rules should you pass the application inspection.
Please fill out the form, and then you will be contacted with in 72 hours of submition if everything passes inspection.
We reserve the right to ask your previous employer if you’ve had one, questions if we think it’s necessary and if we need to do so we will ask for your previous imployer’s email. Don’t be alarmed if we ask for this, there may be something simple we want to know like, how well your shows are listened to.
Thanks and good luck!

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Radio Announcer.Radio production and sound engineer.A web administrator or web assistant.All positions offered.

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If you are applying to be one of our Dj's or production talent, Please provide an aircheck for the management to review. It needs to be in mp3 format. (required)